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Garden realization




Private gardens:
In this sphere there we specialize in gardens, in which the demands in following upkeep are minimized. We provide that especially by using suitable plants and by realization of planting out with using Astex geotextile that prevent from growing through of weed with subsequent mulching especially by rind or another material.

Garden ponds:
Our firm has rich experience with including of water elements in gardens. We realize the ponds by using rubber folio.

Grass plots:
For the most fastidious customers we provide laying of grass plots of the highest quality.

Project documentation:
We perform these services on the basis of either our own projects or projects provided by customers.

Quality guarantee:
Quality of our work is guaranteed by managing director, who has rich experiences with laying grasses in Czech Republic, Norway and also United States.
We provide guarantee for plants by us until the end of spring of the following year.

Public verdure:
We perform founding of public verdure and verdure around seats of firms. Just like in the case at private gardens we do our best to give you the biggest quality for the lowest price.


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